Spirit Week

Though spirit weeks are generally associated with schools, there is no reason your dance studio cannot host a spirit week as well! Regardless of what type of classes a student takes - ballet, jazz, tap, break dance, music lessons, et cetera - all of our student (as well as their families) are a part of … Continue reading Spirit Week


Training as a Dancer

As a dancer, continuing to learn about your craft makes you better. Taking different classes at your dance studio or taking the same subject from a different dance teacher gives each dancer a new outlook on different styles and how they are taught by different dance teachers. When dancers reach beyond their comfort zone, they … Continue reading Training as a Dancer

The Importance of Qualified Teacher’s

As a parent, we always want the best for our children. That’s why at Sharon’s Studio of Dance and Music we pride ourselves in having qualified dance teachers. Dance is more than just teaching “steps” to your children, it’s about them learning how to be respectful of others, building lifelong friendships, while building their self-esteem. … Continue reading The Importance of Qualified Teacher’s

Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music is Back in Full Swing for a New & Exciting Year!

Welcome new and existing students! Everyone here at Sharon’s hope you all had a happy & healthy summer. It is common for a student to be nervous the first time they enter a new dance class. The anxiety of a new & unfamiliar environment or not knowing anyone is natural. We see a lot of … Continue reading Sharon’s Studio of Dance & Music is Back in Full Swing for a New & Exciting Year!