What is in a Dance Bag?

blog_dancebagThe dancers dance bag is a treasure chest of supplies. The dancers dance bag carries their dance shoes, leg warmers, tights, hair ties, and sometime makeup. Many first time dance parents wonder what to put into theirs dancer’s dance bag. The first thing you want to make sure is that your child has is his/her dance shoes. Label all of their shoes because most of the students in their dance classes will have the same size dance shoes, style and color. It’s also important for all dancers’s to have a bottle of water with to stay hydrated. If your child is taking more than one dance class, packing a health snack is good for their energy levels.

If you have an older dancer, you may want to think about adding extra hair accessories, a hand towel and if they are taking more than one subject they may want to pack an extra dance outfit and pair of tights. Happy Dancing!