Toddlers and Preschool, Trying Something New!


Sometimes when you hear the word “new” it can be a bit overwhelming and scary. The fear of the unknown can stop us from trying something that may end up to be the best thing for us. Stepping into a dance room or a classroom for some children may be fearful, we understand and that’s ok! Children are learning how to express a range of emotions such as, stress and being uncomfortable in a new situation. As a parent allowing your child to ease their way into their new surroundings and allowing them to watch and learn before taking the first step is so important! Once they know they can try something new without being afraid then the “new” becomes exciting and fun!

Join us for our exiting “Twinkling Two” dance class and of course our popular “Preschool” dance programs. We also have our “Baby-Mommy Ballet Barre” class for our tiny tots, 4 months through crawling with mommies! Moms it’s a great way to get out of the house exercise, socialize and make new friends moms!

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