The Cost of Dance Classes and Music Lessons

blog_20feb-2017As a parent you or your friends may think dance classes and music lessons are expensive. There are dance shoes, dance costumes, dance attire, music instruments, recital tickets, and the list goes on. When you stop and think of what you are really paying for in your child’s dance and music instruction, you and your friends will realize, it’s never “just dance, or music lessons”! When parents put their child into dance and music lessons they are giving them the opportunity to follow their dreams. Dancers and musicians learn how to take care of their body, how to respect one other, be supportive, work as a team, keep their commitments, and how to be proud of what they have accomplished on the dance floor and in the music room!

Dance and music students are taught success and happiness does not happen overnight. Its takes hard work, practice, persistence and determination to become successful in a student’s dance career, music career, and in life! The qualities learned in the dance and music studio, create character. This will be a great influence on students for the rest of their lives as members of the community and for their own personal goals.

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