Dance is more than just Steps

The studio becomes more than just a studio to learn steps to a dance, it becomes a second home for a lot of our dance and music students. They learn to trust, laugh, and build a bond that truly will last a lifetime. Our students learn what dedication, reasonability, and accountability are. They learn that they have to be there for one and other.

When you feel lost, dance can give you a sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging to a family. Dance is a place where you can express yourself, whether it’s a good day, bad day, or even a great day, we are able to express and share our inner thoughts and feelings without saying one word. Our dance and music studio is a place where our students can come and feel safe and let down their walls. My dance teacher use to say “leave it at the door” let all of the worries and stress go and enter the dance room with a clear head and escape from the world and dance your heart out.

As dance teachers, we are filled with joy, pride, and are sometimes tearful when we see our students up on stage knowing what some of them are going through and what they have overcome. There is no judgment, no bulling, just pure joy, love and passion for dance!